“Grace, Elegance, Style …. Design is a reflection of life. It should be simple and timeless. It must feel effortless. It is a discipline. Proportion, color, balance and scale are essential to design. As a designer, one must have these elements submerged in your being so that you know them without thinking.”
— — Celia Barrett.

Celia Barrett feelsCelia-Haedshot that the environment in which we live our lives, directly affects our ability to be comfortable, productive, energized and have peace in our lives.

“Interior design is inspired by the needs of people, both physical and emotional. With good communication with our clients, we can identify the goals and objectives they are seeking. Our job is to guide them through the design process until we have the solution they desire.

In a commercial project, this will reflect the philosophy of the business, the locale and feel of the hotel or restaurant.   In a residential design setting, it will express the client’s personal aesthetics in an efficient and comfortable way.

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